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Microsoft keeps enhancing each new build for its Windows 10 Technical Preview. Discover what’s new and see what Windows 10 is like! Explore Windows 10 new updates and features at


Windows 10 History Discussion:
I heard about windows 10 its going to be like a tablet.
I want to know what you think?


When will WIN 10 come out?

with a relatively long time xp to Vista, Vista to windows 7 years, we can see the big changes in the system longer time windows 7 on a new level, so windows 8 probably will not want too much time, but later version published time, name and technical updates can not predict, and even the windows 8 name speculation, although online say the name out from Microsoft’s internal …


Windows10? Theoretical calculations of three years, a system should be in 2018

Hold on, I will call Microsoft and ask them :-)


Windows 8*

I haven’t looked into much, judging by some reviews I’ve read though, it’s turning the pc into an oversized tablet.

I’ve tested windows 8 a few times but I’m not gonna use it when it releases. Microsoft seems to think everyone wants to use apps, but when I want to use apps I will use my phone. The other thing I don’t like is that the keep hiding options you can configure less and less every O.S. release. I know I’m not a standard user but still people will have to use use it in a business environment.As in the past they are applying there rule in history 1 good O.S. one O.S. and then a good O.S. again. Look at xp,vista,7. When you look at the UI its obvious its designed for tv’s and tablets ( big buttons ) and I think its not really gonna work for me on a pc.

Iv’e looked at and know people who have used Windows 8 and like them, I don’t like it. It’s designed for a phone not a PC and I will stay with my Windows 7. Also, when I used Windows 8 there was no Windows button on the bottom right, this bothered me because I’m used to using it and having it there.

Heck man, are we at 10 already? I thought that 8 was about to be released?

Yeah I could write an essay on why Windows 8 is a bad Operating System, in my book worse than Vista and ME because they were broken by negligence and poorly thinking about and poorly implementing features, whilst Windows 8 is broken starting with it’s base design.

Of course practically and realistically speaking, it won’t be worse than ME unless it starts randomly killing hard disks and refusing to connect to networks at a whim…

windows 10?….. imagine the complexness! *rides away on piggeh*

I think that you mean Windows 8 friend, but unlike The Motley Brit I quite like the new OS and have not had any of the problems that he has encountered. But it might just like some peoples computers and not like others. Below is a screenshot if you where wondering what it looks like.

Windows 10 Concept 2 (English)

Comments on Windows 10 Concept on YouTube

windows? 10 should be released 2020 (my prediction)

haha? you retard I HAVE VERSION 9176512
so technicly I HAVE A BETTER ONE

Satan has? Windows 666.

This is Windows 10?
Screw? this… I’m gonna build my own OS!
(Sarcasm folks)

I have Windows Infinite?

made in visualbasic i think but? nice

i have ubuntu ?

BenEchizen Grimmie
I? Have Windows Fuck Edition

Udit Karode
he should sell? it to trash people or they too wouldn’t accept it…..

sandro stepania
it’s very? best quality :D :D :)

it’s cool but unfortunatelly it’s a FAKE! :( ?

If this would be a concept, i would like it. Too bad it’s not a concept, just? a fake vid.

the colour scheme is? really nice, suggest it

I have Windows 188888888888888888888888888888-888888888888888888888888888888-888888888888888888888888888888-888888888888888888888888888888-88888888888888888888888? and im 8

windows 10 n ia ser tao podre e windows xp aff? noob

that? is not windows 10,that is windows codename wistler

i dont? understand nothing about computers
but this is Sh*t , i want windows 12

windows 8 has just bing beta tested. why did you try? and predict 10