Microsoft is said to skip Windows 9 and will Directly Publish Windows 10

According to a website report, if you are looking forward to windows 9, it will repair the errors of Windows 8, you may be a little surprised, because: Windows, Microsoft will launch the Windows 10.

Microsoft PR representative Cheryl Tunt, said: “Windows 9 internal test version is hugely successful, I mean that it more than the Windows 8, we all know that Windows 8 nearly perfect. Decided not to disturb After a discussion of Microsoft’s C-level executives, These success, so let Windows 9 intact., Microsoft developed Windows 10, it will be released to the public. ”

No details, the details about Windows 9 However, according to Microsoft internal data, Windows 9 soon, very intuitive, no loopholes, also supports the Windows desktop and Metro-style interface.

Microsoft announced at a meeting of the full developed into the Windows 10, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) was standing before the banner that read “Mission accomplished (Mission Accomplished).

An engineer Windows and the Nintendo Entertainment System Power Glove accessories analogy, he said: “It will be a good man-machine fusion also said Windows like the sitcom” Seinfeld television show, “nothing”, because which there is a scene described, Kramer pick up the cooked meat slicer, he said he can fillet into thin, never seen Paul Windows so easy to understand, you do not even feel it’s there. sure you did not even dare to use it. ”

A trial of the head of human resources in the mail once said: “If everything is true, we will not to the public release Windows 9, we will build it as it as additional means to say: ‘Microsoft work you can be used in Windows. ”

Ballmer said: “you allow Windows to become the backbone of the company, you have beyond their own, quite perfect, worthy of the Microsoft brand, do not see it anywhere else, only in Microsoft have it too good, as long as the release on the line now, we enter the Windows 10! Incidentally, this meeting is your lunch break. ”

At least one trial is not satisfied: “Yes, I tried Windows 9 I do not know …… well, I guess so, but it differs from that described with Microsoft engineers probably did not sleep well a little sanity in chaos I’m pretty sure the real reason is that it actually is OS X Windows will not sell. “