Feb 10

Top 10 Windows downloads of 2010

We’ve featured¬†quite a few Windows downloads¬†throughout 2010. Here’s a look back at the most popular free applications to help you tweak, customize, and enhance your Windows experience.

The following applications, like all the articles in our Best Of series, are selected by the amount of traffic each article gathered over the course of the year. Some of the applications are brand new, some are reincarnations of older tools, and some are updates and enhancements to existing applications. Here’s a look back at the 16 most popular free Windows applications of 2010.

Soluto Is an Awesome Tool to Speed Up Your System Boot, Fix System Slowdowns

Soluto¬†tracks your boot time and gives you the break down on what applications are causing hang ups-including grouping them into “No-Brainger” and “Potentially Removable” groups for easy weeding.

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